How Can I Benefit From A Conference?

It’s always important to keep in mind that conferences can never replace everyday involvement in the local church. Christ came to build His church, not conferences. Furthermore, Jesus never made promises to build good conferences, Matthew 16:18 is about building His church. Our greatest and most lasting joys are found in walking out our faith with believers each day, being built together into a church where the transforming effects of grace can be clearly seen and experienced.

With that being said, conferences such as Resolved are held with the conviction to uphold and strengthen that which is essential. Here are some questions that might aid you in helping make the most of your time this weekend as we consider All of Grace:

1.  What’s the single most important truth about the grace of God I have learned at this conference this weekend?

2.  What’s the most important thing in my life that will be different or I will attempt to change as a result of attending this conference?

3.  What’s the next step I should take to ensure an abundance of grace is overflowing in my life?

4.  How can I best take advantage of the book resources I acquired at this conference on the topic of grace?

5.  How soon can I commit to read and consider these resources?

6.  Who is one person at this conference with whom I should get to know better at this conference?

7.  Who is one person after this conference with whom I should try to learn more about the grace of God from the conference?

8.  Who is the one person at this conference I most need to encourage?

9.  Who is someone who has helped to organize or serve at this conference who deserves a word of gratitude and would be encouraged to know of the impact of this ministry in my life?

10.  What’s one focal thing I should pray about for myself and for others as a result of this conference?

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