Equipping the Church from the Word of God

the 2020 Bible Conference at Fellowship Church Lubbock


When Jonathan Edwards penned his seventy resolutions, he had in mind a singular focus throughout each statement of spiritual conviction, found in the initial Resolution: “Resolved, that I will do whatsoever I think to be most to God’s glory…”

The goal of the Resolved Conference (founded 2020) is to be an annual gathering that equips believers to glorify God through how we think, live and speak. As Scripture repeatedly makes clear, this is only accomplished through the illuminating power of the Spirit of God as we turn to the sufficient and inerrant Word of God.

the bible defines our terms

Transgenderism. Feminism. Toxic Masculinity. LGBTQ.

These are terms that are commonplace in the world, and have increasingly crept into the vocabulary of the church as our God-given understandings of how and why God created man and woman in His image loses clarity. If we are unable to define terms according to the Word of God, and understand how to combat ideas and worldviews that run contrary to God’s revealed purposes, we run the risk of running aground atop the “hidden reefs” (Jude 1:12) of seeking cultural identity and approval.

we’re glad you’re here!

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If you are able to attend this year’s conference, we would be honored to humbly welcome you to our church home, and seek to make your visit with us an experience of brotherly love, heartfelt encouragement and edification in the Spirit.

We place a high value on the expository teaching of the Word of God, the expression of corporate worship and praise, the prayers and supplication of the saints, and the genuine affirmation of koinonia (fellowship) with the local and universal body.

The Resolved Conference is a ministry of Fellowship Church Lubbock.